Saturday, October 17, 2009

Latest Battlestar Galactica packing T&A... and then some??

So Battlestar Galactica: The Plan arrives on DVD later this month, wrapping up the series with a prequel of sorts that takes place during the first miniseries. Like a lot of fans I thought BSG was really losing its way by the 4th and last season, and while it held together to the end I thought it could have been stronger, and return to the miniseries and first couple seasons for the best material. So maybe going back to this earlier setting bodes well - but then on the other hand it's another chance for the writers to push the envelope.

According to Grace Park herself in this month's Maxim - " Yeah, there’s going to be a T & A version. Though maybe I should say T, C & A, because it’s not just girls this time..." In case that is too vague she also uses the word "wang" in the next sentence, which pretty much dispels all doubt.

Ok... I know Battlestar has always been a little on the edgy side, but come on - do we really need to see some shaft to push the story along? And yes I am perfectly aware of the double standard here. In the Pegasus DVD we have Tricia Helfer seducing Michelle Forbes and I dug that. When you think about it it is kind of a stupid taboo. The problem is that male nudity in drama is still hard to pull off. HBO's excellent series Rome got away with it, but honestly I don't the creative team behind Battlestar is up to that particular challenge, and they don't need to be. I'm pretty in tune with Ron D Moore and the other writers' strengths and weaknesses by now, and my advice would be: don't go there. Stick to stuff you do well already. Other shows and movies will come along to push this particular aspect into the mainstream, but not this one.

At any rate let's hope that this last hurrah of a much-acclaimed and loved sci-fi series delivers the goods and sucketh not.

Ok. So what started as a highbrow science-fiction literature critique blog has devolved to me posting about the latest T&A on network TV. And in only two months too, I know. So with the exception of V after it airs next month - no more TV crap! Back to the books.

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