Monday, October 12, 2009

More Artwork from John Berkey

You've probably noticed by now I am a big fan of the late John Berkey's artwork. I'll mix it up later on but for right now I'm putting up one of his pieces every month. I like how his style contrasts spacecraft and machinery against natural backgrounds.

There is a really great book of his artwork published in 2003, The Art of John Berkey, but unfortunately it must be out of print or something with used copies going for at least $100 on Amazon. Apparently there are also pieces of his work available over at ArtOrg Moving Walls Gallery. Based on the prices (5K+), I'm guessing these are the original works! I'll have to ask, though not likely I'd be affording that anytime soon.

This one was used by the US Navy at one point.

No explanation necessary. Powerful.

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